Contract .pdf Version

1. The customer gives us the articles for the following price: 

2. The articles under number 1 remains with Traum-Braut for a year. Date 

3. The articles will remain in the care of Traum-Braut during this time and offer them to third parties for sale. 

4. Traum-Braut and Owner agree on the following sales-prices: 

5. Traum-Braut will not alter the price unless given an oral or written confirmation from A (the owner). 

6. Traum-Braut will charge a compulsory fee of CHF 40 per year for taking one dress including all accessories to the shop. If the owner requires the items returned before the end of that year Traum-Braut will not reimburse the fee.

7. The provision of Sale for Traum-Braut is 40% of the sales price. The owner receives 60%. Traum-Braut will wire or pay in cash within 30 days of the sale.

8. The owner (A) will be contacted by Traum-Braut of a sale by phone, letter or email. 

9 If the article does not sale with in the one year time frame (date.. ) the owner A is obliged to take them back from us within a month. If Traum-Braut has to send articles back via Post the cost for freight and packaging has to be paid by the Owner in advance.

10. Traum-Braut will insure the articles against the risk of fire, water and theft.

11. For all other the Swiss code of Obligations is applicable. 

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Contract .pdf Version